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Studio Set Up

Our Work

In addition to providing entertainment and production services for your media projects we also create them. Here you can view some of the short films and skits that were written, produced, and directed by the Ember Skeyez Team.

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Short Film (Comedy)

During a card game at the family bar b que, Darren , Stacy, Kevin, and Chris begin a conversation about dating. Chris  has given up dating and tells the family how his encounter with very special lady has changed his life forever.

Written By:     Ember Skeyez | Aja Crooks

Directed by:    Ember Skeyez | A.D. Carlos Harrell | A.D. Knycole Mars

Executice Producers:      Ember Skeyez | Seven 25 Magazine

Click Image to watch. 

UJU: Umar Johnson University

 Hidden Colors Band Audition (Comedy Short)

The New HBCU Umar Johnson University's band Hidden Colors has lost their drum major due to injury and they are desperate to replace him.

Written By:     Ember Skeyez | Carlos Harrell

Directed By:    Ember Skeyez

Edited By:       Ember Skeyez | Roman Brion


Click Image to watch. 


UJU: Umar Johnson University

Student Orientation (Comedy Short)

Dean Skeyez and faculty is getting new and prospective students ready for the new semester. Let see how UJU is going to make these students' futures bright!

Written By:       Ember Skeyez

Directed By:      Ember Skeyez | Carlos Harrell

Edited By:       Ember Skeyez | Roman Brion

Click Image to watch. 

Annual Skeyez N' Starz Showcase

Annual Talent Show for the Skeyez N' Starz Organization
(Live Event)

The Annual Skeyez N' StarzSshowcase is a talent show that provides a platform to exhibit talents and build confidence, creates opportunities to exercise skills in media productions, advertisement for sponsors and doners that yields a family friendly activity that is engaging as well as inspiring.

Hosted By:     Ember Skeyez

Directed By:   Ember Skeyez

Edited By:     Seven 25 Mag | Roman Brion |  Ember Skeyez | Steven Rosenbaum


Click Image to watch. 

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