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Services and Booking


Writing =  Content Creation, Scripts*, Music (Song Lyrics), Character Development and Story Outline.

Concept Development = provide assistance in character background for concepts.

Casting = Scouting and Auditioning for media projects

Performance Coaching = Constructive Critique for preparation of performances. 

Production = Directing, Set Design, Production assistance.

Videography = Audio and Video Production of short films, commercials, and other projects

Photography = Headshots, Event Photography, Specialty Shoots

Editing = Cutting and finalizing audio and video footage for completed media project.

Stage Play Development = Concept and Character Development, Script writing, Movement and Blocking.

Choreography = Movement pieces includes dance as well as positioning and placement.

*Inquire about in dept breakdowns of Scenes, Story Lines, Characters, Story Lines, etc. 

Ember Skeyez in UJU skit
Ember Hosting Community Engagement

Media & Networking

Events/Mixers = Organization and Structure of Events.

Podcast/Interviews = Hosting, Moderating, Concept Developement

Public/Motivational Speaking


Ember Skeyez can be booked for her specific talents include but are not limited to the following:




Interviews and More.

Ember Skeyez Entertainment Pic

Ember Skeyez is always open to talent and resources. Contact Us if you would like your services or talents considered for projects hosted by Ember Skeyez or Affiliates.

Talents and Services

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