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The Entertainer Ember Skeyez (Ember Sky-z), born Britney Jones, is an American entertainer and entrepreneur. She began her journey in entertainment in pursuit of a singing career. That venture allowed her to meet and network with many influential people in the field such as noted recording engineer Dave Aron. She was inspired to branch into realms of the arts such as acting and film production after being convinced to volunteer for a the National Black Film Festival in Houston, TX. The experience exposed her to another side of entertainment and media. Encountering a vast array of talented individuals led her to want to create and develop platforms to have outlet of expression for their talents as well. ​ Britney chose the name “Ember Skeyez” to describe what she represents. Ember - The state of fire that is subtle yet powerful. Volcanic embers are ever present throughout the earth and the potential of which produces heat that ranges from warmth to blazing inferno. She uses Ember to express the drive to ignite influence and motivation. ​ Skeyez - The merge of the words “sky” (the invisible immeasurable layer that surrounds earth) coupled with “eyes” (the tools we use to interpret earths visuals) ​ Ember Skeyez is a title that embodies how passion and drive can ignite influence and create change using the limitless potential from the earth to the sky and beyond.

Realizing Dreams

Productions​ Ember Skeyez’s mission as a mixed media performing arts production company is to aide in execution of and create and provide platforms for performing artists and those behind the scenes. By producing and developing content for mediums such as film, theater, and music individuals are given the chance to pursue their dream. ​ Ember Skeyez believes that if someone is brave enough to chase their dreams, they should have the opportunity to reach them. Because the ability to express oneself creatively is a quality that should be honed, cherished, and promoted. ​ The “Support A Dreamer” campaign invites everyone to appreciate the work and talents of others along with their efforts to make their dreams come true. Supporting dreamers is the premise on which Ember Skeyez is based. As a company we strive to motivate and accommodate individuals to reach and utilize their potential so that make their dreams reality.

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“ 'I don’t need a reason for me season.'

@emberskeyez is a creative GODDESS. We have her to thank for this shot.

Thank you for sharing your heart with me, friend."

- Sheba Creative AF
Winner of the 4th Annual Skeyez N' Starz Showcase

Ember Founded Skeyez N' Starz, a non profit organization that utilizes Media and Performance Arts for growth and mental health awareness.




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"The first step in making a dream your reality is to write it down"

- Ember Skeyez